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Reset Your Password

You must have a unique username and password to log in to eICS. Your password can be reset at anytime through your account profile.

If you forget your password, you can reset it from the login page only if you previously selected and answered a security question. If you did not select and answer a security question, you will need to contact your Facility Administrator to reset your password.

Important: If your eICS credentials are associated with an EMResource® and/or EMTrack® account, resetting your password for eICS changes your password for the other systems too. 

To reset your password from the login page
  1. Click the Forgot password? link on the login page. The Reset Your Password page opens.

  2. For Username, enter the username you use to access eICS.

  3. Click Submit. An information page opens indicating an email message is being sent to you.

  4. Go to your email to open the message and click the system link. The eICS Security Question page opens.

  5. For Answer, enter the appropriate response to the question.

  6. Click Submit. The Set Up Your Password page opens.

  7. For New Password, enter a unique password.

  8. For Verify Password, re-enter your newly chosen password.

  9. Click Submit. An information page opens indicating your password was successfully reset.

  10. Re-open the login page.

  11. Enter your username and password.

  12. Click Log In. Your eICS Home page opens.

To reset your password on your profile
  1. Point to Settings and select My Profile.

  2. In the General Info / Email / Phone drawer, click Reset Password.

  3. In the Password Setup window, enter your existing password in Current Password.

  4. In New Password, enter your new password.

  5. In Verify Password, enter your new password again.

  6. Click Submit.

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