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Log In and Out

This article provides information on logging in and out of eICS, what to do the very first time you log in, and what you can do when you forget your username or password.

Forgotten Credentials

If you forget your username, eICS allows you to retrieve it by entering the primary email address in your profile. The systems sends you an email with your username and a link to the login page.

If you forget your password, eICS allows you to reset your own password, but only if you have set up a security question and answer in your profile. This provides a secure means of verifying your identity before granting you access to the solution. If you have not set up your security question, when you log in the system prompts you to do so.


You can bypass this prompt. However, every time you log in you will be prompted again until you complete the task. You can also reset your password and set up or change your security question from your profile.

Note: If your administrator resets your password for you, the system will require you to change it the next time you log in.

Log In

You must have a unique username and password to log in.

To log in for the first time

When setting up your account, an administrator assigned you a username. The application automatically sent this information to you via email, along with a link to the application.

Note: This link is active only for a short period of time. It is recommended you access the eICS right away to review your profile.

When you first attempt to gain access to the application, you are required to enter contact information, such as your phone number, to verify that you are the correct user for this username.

  1. Click the application link in the email. The verification page opens, asking you to verify your identity.

  2. Enter the requested information.

  3. Click Submit. The Set Up Your Password page opens.

  4. For New Password, enter a unique password.

  5. For Verify Password, re-enter your newly chosen password.

  6. Click Submit. Your eICS Home page opens.

Tip: We recommend adding the login page to your browser's Favorites (or bookmark the page) so that you can easily access the page.

To log in to eICS
  1. Open your browser.

  2. In the browser address bar, enter the Web address (URL) of eICS: https://hics.emsystem.com

  3. Press ENTER or click the Go to button. The login page opens.

  4. For Username, enter your eICS username.

  5. For Password, enter your eICS password.

  6. Click Log In. Your eICS Home page opens.

If the Security Question and Answer page opens during the above process, select a question from the drop-down menu and enter the appropriate response for Answer. Enter or change the email address listed, as appropriate, and then click Save.

Log Out

When you are done accessing information through eICS, you can log out and close your browser window. To do so, in the upper right corner of the application page, simply click Log Out. You are immediately logged out of the application.


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