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Edit an Objective Template

Objective templates can be edited to change the type of information you collect from incident participants when they update the objective status. However, changes appear on new objectives only and do not affect objectives that already exist on incidents.

To edit an objective template
  1. Point to Settings and click Objective Templates. The Objective Templates page opens.

  2. In the Objective templates for list, make sure the name of your facility is selected.

  3. On the left, in the list of templates, click the template you want to edit. The template opens on the right.
    eICS Settings Edit Objective Template

  4. As appropriate, take any of these actions.

    If you want to... Then...
    Edit the template, field or option names, Click the relevant field and enter your changes.
    Change field types, Click a different field type in the list.
    Add a field,
    1. Click Add Field. A field appears.
    2. For Field, enter a name.
    3. Click the field on the right, and in the list, select the type of field (Short text, Long text, Drop-down, Checkbox, or Checkbox group) you want to create. Depending on your selection, additional fields may appear below.
    4. If you create a field with options, enter the Option name.
    Add an option,
    1. Click Add Option.
    2. In the new option field, enter a name.
    Reorder fields or options, Click the order icon on the left and drag the field or option to another position.
  5. When you are done adding and ordering fields, click Save.

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