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About Your Profile

Through Settings My Profile, users with access to eICS are able to manage their profile information, including their contact details, password, and security question. You are also able to review the ICS positions to which you are assigned and add notes through the appropriate drawers.


There are four drawers or tabs that can be expanded or collapsed to view information on your profile. These drawers include General Info / Email / Phone, Address, ICS Positions, and Notes, which organize your profile information accordingly. 

General Info / Email / Phone

Your main profile information is contained in this drawer. Some fields, such as your Username, are read-only and cannot be changed. Other fields allow you to update, add, and/or remove information as needed. 




Your log in name for accessing your eICS account. External resources do not have a username and are not able to access eICS. The associated buttons are:

  • Reset Password, which allows you to securely reset your password.
  • Edit Security Question, which allows you to select and answer a security question that will help you reset your credentials in case you forget your password. You are also required to enter an email address to which you want the new credential sent.

Primary Email

Email address to which eICS sends account-related emails, such as notifying you when your password has been changed. The associated button is Change Primary Email, which allows you to edit this email address.


Your full name, entered individually as first, middle, and last names.


Organization for whom you work or represent.


Department or division within the organization to which you are assigned.


Your job or position title at the organization.

Resource Type

Type of resource and role you are assigned in eICS. You are identified as either Internal or External depending on if you work for the organization that administers the eICS solution or as a contractor, volunteer, or other external position that is aligned with the main organization. The second list identifies your main role, skills, or expertise.


Note: External resources do not have an eICS account or username. 

Include this contact information as primary contact for non technical assistance

Displayed only on administrator profiles, this option adds the profile's contact information to the Contact Us window as a representative for non-technical support.

Phone and Notification Order

Lists your phone numbers, phone number types, and the corresponding incident-related notification preferences for those numbers. Notification options include, for example, Notify first, Notify second, and Do not notify.


Note: Phone numbers must be 10 numeric characters in length; the system also supports identifying a 1 - 6 digit extension. For example, 555-555-5555 121212.


Lists addresses and details for Email, Pager, Radio, Direct Connect, FaxIM, Website, and Other contact options.


Note: Emails must comply with standard formatting. For example, name@organization.com.

Registered Mobile Devices

Lists mobile devices registered to your eICS account. Devices are automatically registered when you download and access the eICS mobile application through the device. Details provided include the name and type of device, the date it was registered, whether you opted to allow push notifications on the device (Subscribed), and whether you want to receive notifications from eICS on the device (Notify).


Note: The Subscribed column must show "Yes" and the Notify check box must be selected in order to receive push notifications from eICS on the device. 


Allows you to view, add, change, or remove addresses on your profile. For each address, indicate its type, such as home or business.

ICS Positions

Offers a view of all ICS Positions currently assigned to you.


Allows you to view and add notes associated with your profile.

Profile Administration

Administrators can modify profile settings for users that belong to the domains and/or facilities they manage. However, administrators access user profiles through Planning > Contacts, and the order of fields may vary slightly. 

Through Settings, administrators can manage the domains, notifications, health systems, and other, associated users according to their access rights and permissions. 

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