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Voice Notification Tips

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In eICS, automatic notifications are always sent to contacts and candidates through email. In relation to incidents, you may also be allowed to send voice notifications. Voice notifications are either enabled or disabled at the facility level, as specified through Planning. When enabled, voice notifications can be turned on or off by default. Then, when working with an incident, you can choose to select or clear the voice notification option.


When creating an incident, carefully consider the information, level of detail, and words you use in the name and description because the system employs text-to-speech technology that includes these elements in the voice notification. At times, the text-to-speech technology can be difficult to understand, so it is best to use short, simple words and sentences to convey the message. You can control the speed at which the message is voiced by inserting a period character (.) in the text creates a pause of approximately 1/2 second.

For example, an Incident Description/Notification message might be entered as follows:

The Incident Command System has been activated due to severe weather. The weather service has issued a warning for your area. Please respond with your availability for this incident. You can also call the Command Center at 4. 1. 4. 5. 5. 5. 5. 5. 5. 5.

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