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Test Domain Notifications

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As a Domain Administrator, you can test your domain's standard notifications that are set up for actual incidents or drills and exercises. You can also test any notification by voice or email. The system uses your primary email and Notify First telephone number from your profile to test the message. Any contact-related variables are taken from your contact information. Incident-related variables are generic.


Testing the notification is especially helpful when you have added or changed variables. It allows you to make sure the appropriate variable is inserted and the message looks or sounds like you want it to. For more information, refer to Domain Notifications.

To test a notification
  1. Point to Settings and select Domain Notifications. The Domain Notifications page opens.

  2. If appropriate, select the domain.

  3. From the Notification type field, select the template.

  4. Select the incident type: Actual or Drill.

  5. Select the channel: Email or Voice.

  6. Click Send Test Notification. A window opens indicating you should receive the message shortly.

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