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Test Domain Notifications

As a Domain Administrator, you can send test notifications to see and/or hear how notifications will appear to contacts. eICS uses the contact details in  your profile to send a test notification to you through the selected channel. Any variables in the message template remain generic unless they can be taken from your profile. For more information, refer to the article Domain Notifications.


To test domain notifications
  1. Point to Settings and select Domain Notifications. The Domain Notifications page opens.

  2. If appropriate, in the Domain list, click the name of the domain you want to test.

  3. In the Notification type list, select the template or situation in which the notification will be sent.

  4. Select the Incident Type (Actual or Drill).

  5. Select the Channel (Email, Pager/SMS, or Voice).

  6. Click Send Test Notification.

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