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Notification Response

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Individuals who are notified of an incident and are requested to respond with their availability can respond via the method used to contact them. For example, if the individual receives a voice notification, they can respond quickly and easily by choosing from a number of options. For email notifications, the recipient can click the link in the email to access the system and respond therein.

In either case, the system provides the recipient with a number of response options, known as variable response. The recipient can indicate they are unavailable or available for this incident and, if available, immediately respond with a specified timeframe. For more information, refer also to Respond with Your Availability and Track Contact Availability.


When the contact or candidate receives a phone call indicating an incident has occurred and their availability is being requested, the outgoing message includes a number of responses from which the user can choose.

After the outgoing message relates brief details about the incident, a list of options follows. Options include pressing "1" if the individual is onsite and can respond immediately, pressing "2" if the individual can arrive in 15 minutes, and so forth. To have the message repeated, the recipient can press "0".

Note: On occasion, the notification system may mistakenly assume it has reached an answering machine or voicemail. It then attempts to leave an 800 number for you to call to retrieve the message. Press any number on the phone keypad to switch to the regular message and indicate your availability.

When assigned to an ICS position, the voice notification includes the position assigned and presents the same options as the initial incident notification. If the system leaves a message for the contact, it also leaves a notification ID the contact must use to retrieve the message. Once retrieved, the contact is presented with these same options and can respond accordingly.


When a user receives an email requesting their availability, the message includes a link to eICS. The user clicks the link and is taken to a Web page where they enter their primary telephone number to verify their identity. Upon verification, they are taken immediately to the Incident Dashboard without having to log in, and the system requests an update on their status.


From here, the user indicates their availability and, if available, their current location status, such as en route or onsite.

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