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Domain Notifications

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As a Domain Administrator, you can add to or edit the content of your domain's standard notifications. These are messages that eICS sends when specific situations occur, such as starting an incident, assigning an individual to a position, excusing candidates from an incident, and ending an incident.


Domain notifications are available under Settings.



You can edit the notification type description that appears just below the Notification type field. While this description is not visible to users, it describes the template so that you and other administrators can quickly see the notification's purpose.

You can edit the template's subject line and the body of the message. In some cases, this includes inserting variables such as the facility name or incident description. The variables available to you for the message appear in the Variables section on the right side of the page.

Note: When incident descriptions are lengthy, the text in the email message is truncated at 500 characters.

It is also important to note that you can specify different content based on:

  • Incident type – Actual or Drill

  • Channel – Email or Voice

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