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Domain Notifications

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Domain notifications are standard messages that eICS sends to contacts in certain situations, such as starting an incident, assigning an individual to a position, excusing candidates from an incident, and ending an incident.



As a Domain Administrator, you can access domain notifications through Settings > Domain Notifications. You can edit, update, and test the notifications that will be sent when facilities in your domain create an incident or drill.


After confirming your domain, you need to select the type of notification you want to review. Notification types include:

  • Availability Request
  • Excused
  • Improvement Action Assigned
  • Improvement Action Removed
  • Incident Alert
  • Incident Ended
  • Incident Escalation Alert
  • Incident Escalation Request
  • Incident Message
  • Incident Objective Assigned
  • Position Assignment
  • System Test

You can edit the description associated with each type of notification, select the Incident Type (Actual or Drill), and select the Channel or method of delivery. Available options for the Channel include Email, Pager/SMS, and Voice, but not all channels are available for all notification types. When you select the channel, it changes the default content of the subject and message, as well as the maximum number of characters allowed in the message. The subject field is only available for Email notifications. The message can be updated by editing the text and/or variables.

Variables, such as the name of the facility, incident, or contact, appear as a unit in brackets (for example, {FacilityName}) that can be used in the message as a placeholder that will be replaced with the actual content when triggered for a facility in a given situation.

Note: If the incident description is included as a variable in a notification and it is lengthy, the email message may be truncated at 500 characters.

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