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About Notifications

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A key component of the eICS system is its notification feature. The system automatically sends notifications upon the occurrence of specific events and actions. The type of notification sent depends on the action. For example:

  • During Planning, the administrator adds a new contact to a facility and indicates the contact should have access to eICS. The system automatically notifies the new contact via an email that includes a link to the system.

  • During Response to an incident, eICS sends several automatic notifications, including letting all contacts know that the incident is occurring, notifying a contact when they have been assigned to a position, and sending a notification to all relevant participants when the incident is over.

  • During Recovery from an incident, the system automatically notifies a contact when they have been assigned an action item for the improvement plan.

Automatic notifications are sent to the devices set up for the contact in their profile.

Incident participants can also manually generate and send messages to other participants via the Messages tab of the Incident Dashboard. The message pops up within the recipient's instance of eICS, and the recipient has the option to respond immediately in the same fashion.

Administrators can test the notification system. Refer to System Test.

Domain administrators can manage the content of system-generated notifications. Refer to Domain Notifications.


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