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End an Incident

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When an incident is over and Incident Command stands down, you can end the incident. After ending an incident, certain features are no longer available. For example, the Incident Dashboard for an ended incident does not contain custom tabs.

Also, after the incident is ended, the Improvement Plan tab is added to the dashboard. Any event log entries that were flagged as potential process improvements appear in this tab.

Important: If an incident was ended by mistake, contact Intermedix Support for assistance.

When an incident is ended, by default, the system automatically notifies all of the incident's contacts and candidates via voice message. The End Incident window, however, gives you the opportunity to limit the number of contacts who receive the voice and/or email notification. If candidates are currently logged in to the application when you end the incident, the system displays a pop-up notification indicating the incident has ended.​

To end an incident
  1. On the Home page, in the Active Incidents section, locate the incident and on that row click View. The Incident Dashboard opens with the Summary tab active.

  2. On the right, click End Incident. The End Incident window opens, and warns that after ending the incident you will not be able to reactivate it.

  3. Select or clear the By Voice or By Email check boxes as appropriate. To specify a contact method should be used for all contacts listed, select the check box in the column header.

  4. Click OK. The window closes.

Note: Ended incidents can be located by pointing to Recovery and clicking Incident Reports.

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