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Edit Incident Details

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During the response phase, you can edit incident details from the Summary tab on the Incident Dashboard

If you want individuals outside your facility and health system to receive and be able to view information about the incident, then it is important to select the Allow State/Region to view this incident check box. 

To edit incident details
  1. On the Home page, in the Active Incidents section, locate the incident and on that row click View. The Incident Dashboard opens with the Summary tab active.
    Tip: You can also access the dashboard for an active incident by pointing to Response, clicking Incidents, locating the incident on the left, and on that row, clicking View.

  2. On the right, click Edit Incident. The Edit Incident window opens.

  3. Change the appropriate details, such as the Name, Operational Period, Visibility, Command Center Details, Incident Description, and Incident Mission.

  4. Click OK. The window closes.

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