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Create an Incident

When an emergency or non-emergency event is deemed an incident, a Domain Admin, Facility Admin or Facility Staff member can create the incident in eICS. Creating the incident notifies contacts and initiates the response management process.

One of the most important steps in creating an incident is selecting the appropriate Incident Response Guide (IRG). When you choose an IRG, all information associated with it, such as the name, description, contacts, and library, appears on the new incident. However, if necessary, you can change this information.

Note: If you are only associated with one facility, by default that facility and its IRGs are selected on the Create Incident page.

To create an incident  
  1. On the upper right of the Home page, click Create Incident. Alternatively, point to the Response menu and click Create Incident. The Create Incident page opens.
  2. In the Facility list, click the name of the facility where the incident is occurring. The Incident Response Guides for that facility appear.

  3. Click the name of the appropriate incident response guide.

  4. For Type of Incident, click Actual Incident or Exercise/Drill.

  5. Click Next. The Incident Details page opens.

  6. Review, and if necessary, change this information.

    Field Description
    Allow State/Region to view this incident Select this check box to make the incident visible to authorized individuals in your state or region who use EMSystems. Clear this check box to limit incident visibility to individuals within your health system.
    Name Enter the name of this incident. By default, the name of the IRG appears, but you can change it.
    Incident Description/Notification Message Enter a description of the incident. By default, the description of the IRG appears, but you can change it. Be aware of the volume and type of information you provide here because this description is sent as the voice and email notification for associated contacts.
    Incident Mission Statement Enter the mission statement for the incident. By default, the mission of the IRG appears, but you can change it.
    Select Notification Contacts Click to open the Select Notification Contacts window and review selected contacts. Select or clear check boxes to change which contacts will be notified By Voice or By Email
    Command Center Details Enter the Phone, Fax, and Location information for the command center. If you make the incident visible to your state or region, this information is visible within EMSystems.
  7. Click Activate Incident. The Incident Dashboard opens and the incident now appears on the Home page for all relevant contacts/participants.

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