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Update a Contact's Status

During an incident, you may need to update a contact's status. The contact methods appearing in the User Status window are the devices and numbers set up for the contact's position, the Command Center, and those specified in the contact's profile.

Tip: You can also update a contact's status from the General Info and Response Tracker / Assign Contact drawers of the ICS Chart tab.

To update a contact's status
  1. On the Incident Dashboard, click the Contacts tab.

  2. Locate the contact and on the left, click change. The User Status window opens.

  3. Enter the contact's Availability and/or Location.

  4. As appropriate, select or specify the contact's number (Preferred Contact Method) for each device:

    • Phone

    • Radio

    • Pager

    • Direct Connect

    • Fax

Note: For any of these contact methods, select Other if you want to manually enter new information.

  1. Click OK. The window closes and the contact information is updated.

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