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Track Contacts' Availability

When an incident occurs, after sending a notification requesting contacts' availability statuses, you can track the responses as they come in, so that you know exactly what resources you have or will have on hand. For more information, refer to Tracking Notification Responses.

To track contacts' responses about availability
  1. If the right pane is not open, in the left pane, click the position. The right pane shows its detail.

  2. In the right pane, click Response Tracker / Assign Contact.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • To view all contacts currently associated with this position, select Show Depth Chart Only.

    • To view all contacts that could be available to be assigned to this position (that is, contacts associated with your facility and/or health system), select Show All Candidates

    • To view all external contacts added to facilities' Labor Pool and Other Contacts to Notify lists (that is, contacts associated with facilities in your health system), select Show Health System Contacts.

The table shows each contact in the selected list, along with each contact's availability, location, and notification status.

Tip: Click a contact's name (link) to view (and, potentially, edit) details about the contact. The Contact Details window opens.

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