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Respond with Your Availability

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When notified of an incident, you may be requested to respond with your availability. You can respond via the method used to contact you. For example, if you receive a voice notification, you can respond immediately by listening to the menu of options and choosing the appropriate response. For email notifications, you can click the link in the email to access the system and respond from there.

For voice notifications, if the system leaves you a message, it also provides the toll-free number you can call and the notification ID you need to enter to retrieve the message. Upon retrieving it, you are presented with the same response options and can respond immediately by pressing or tapping the appropriate number on the phone keypad.

The system records your response and makes that information available to the incident's administrators.


In the voice notification, your options include the following:

  • Onsite and available immediately, press 1

  • Arrive in 15 minutes, press 2

  • Arrive in about 30 minutes, press 3

  • Arrive in about 45 minutes, press 4

  • Arrive in about an hour, press 5

  • Remain offsite for this incident, press 6

  • Not available, press 7

  • Repeat the message, press 0


When you receive an email notification requesting your availability, the message includes a link to Electronic ICS. When you click the link you are taken to a web page where you must enter your primary telephone number to verify your identity. Upon verification, you are taken immediately into the incident's dashboard (without having to log in) and the system requests that you update your status.


The options available in this window are essentially the same as you would receive in a voice notification. Indicate your Availability by selecting the appropriate timeframe or by indicating you are unavailable for this incident. In addition, indicate your Location, such as at the scene, off site, or en route. You can also indicate your preferred contact method for this incident.


The system may also notify you by voice and/or email when an incident administrator assigns you to a position in the incident's ICS chart. In this case, the notification includes the position assigned. You can respond in exactly the same way as you would described in the procedures above (voice and email).

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