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Manage the Incident Event Log

During an incident, you can manually add, edit and comment on entries in the Event Log. An Edit link appears in the Edits column for entries that you added. If changes have been made since it was added, this column also contains a History link.

Note: Only the person who added the event entry can edit it.


To add a log entry
  1. In the Event Log tab, click Add Log Entry. The Add Log Entry window opens.

  2. Select the type of entry you are adding.

  3. Select Current Time. Alternatively, select Previous Time and enter a date and time in the available fields.

  4. Indicate the entry's priority: Normal, Low, or High.

  5. Enter a brief description about the log entry.

  6. Click OK. The window closes and the tab shows the new event.

Tip: To immediately add another entry, click Save and Add.

To edit one of your entries
  1. In the Event Log tab, click Change FilterManual Entry if you want to filter the list to show only manual entries.

  2. Locate the entry and click Edit. The Edit Log Entry Text window opens.

  3. Make your changes.

  4. Click Save.

To add a comment to an entry
  1. In the Event Log tab, click Add in the Comments column for the event. The Add Event Log Comment window opens.

  2. Enter your comments.

  3. Click Save. The window closes and the Comment column shows that a comment has been added. In addition, the entry now includes a View link.

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