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Enlist a Contact for the Incident

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During an incident, you can enlist a contact from the Contacts tab of the Incident Dashboard.

To enlist a contact
  1. On the Incident Dashboard, click the Contacts tab.

  2. As necessary, click Show Facility Contacts or Show Health System Contacts. The list shows all contacts for the facility or health system, even those that were not specified for an ICS position or the labor pool.

  3. Locate the contact and click the Enlist to ICS link in the first column. The Status window opens.

  4. If appropriate, select the Availability and/or Location for the contact.
    Tip: If your intent is to notify the contact that you want to enlist them, do not change the contact's status. On the window, click OK. A notification is sent to the individual requesting their availability.

  5. To send a voice notification in addition to email, make certain the Send voice notification check box is selected.
    Tip: You may choose to clear this check box so that a voice notification is not sent. An email notification is always sent.

  6. Click OK. The window closes, and the page shows the Availability/Location you specified. Electronic ICS notifies the contact. This contact is now a candidate for a position or group and appears in that list of contacts.

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