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Edit an Incident Objective

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During an incident, you can update objectives to adjust details, clarify the workload, change the status, or otherwise make changes that keep everyone informed about the task. 

To update an objective
  1. On the Home page, point to Response and click Incidents. The list of incidents opens.

  2. Locate the incident in the list and, on that row, click View. The Incident Dashboard opens.

  3. Click the Objectives tab.

  4. On the left, in the list of objectives, click the objective you want to edit. The objective Details open on the right.

  5. Click Update. The Update Objective window opens.

  6. If necessary, click Show more details.

  7. Take any of these actions.


    If you want to…



    Change the name and/or description,

    In the Objective and/or Description field, enter the information you want associated with this objective.

    Assign the objective to someone else,

    In the Assigned to list, select a different position or Incident Level.

    Change the priority,

    In the Priority list, select the urgency with which you want the objective completed.

    Change the operational period,

    In the Operational Period list, select the period in which you want the objective completed.

    Update the status,

    In the Status list, select the current status of the objective.

    Add notes or other information, In the Comment field, enter relevant information about the objective. 
  8. Click OK.

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