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Assign or Unassign an ICS Position

During an incident, you can assign a contact to an active position within the ICS chart or remove an assignment.


  • If a position is not active, you must activate it before you can assign a contact. 
  • To change the assigned contact for a position, you must first unassign the current contact and then assign the new one.
To assign a contact to a position
  1. On the Incident Dashboard, click the ICS Chart tab. The ICS Chart page opens. 

  2. On the left, click

  3. In the chart, click the position. Details are shown on the right.

  4. On the right, click Response Tracker / Assign Contact.

  5. Do one of the following:

    • To view all contacts currently associated with the position, select Show Depth Chart Only.

    • To view all contacts who could be available to be assigned to this position, including those from your facility and health system, select Show All Candidates.

    • To view all external contacts in Labor Pool and Other Contacts to Notify groups for all facilities in your health system, select Show Health System Contacts.

  1. To assign a contact, select the contact in the list.

  2. Click Assign. The Assign Position window opens.

  3. To send a voice notification in addition to email, make certain the Send voice notification check box is selected.

  4. Click Yes.

Tip: If you clear the Send voice notification check box, a voice notification is not sent. For example, if the contact is already on site, you do not need to send this type of notification. An email notification is always sent.

To unassign a contact from a position
  1. In the chart, click the position. Details are shown on the right.

  2. On the right, click General Info.

  3. In the Position Assignment section, click Unassign. The Unassign Position window opens asking you to confirm the action.

  4. Click Yes. The window closes and the position is unassigned.

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