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Add a Group Member to an Incident

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During an incident, you can add contacts to your labor pool and any of its subgroups, which can help to build a robust repository of relevant contacts.

To add a group member
  1. On the left, select Labor Pool or one of its subgroups.

  2. Open the Group members drawer.

  3. Click Add Group Member. The Add Group Member window opens.

  4. In Add Members to, select Labor Pool or a subgroup.

  5. For From, choose the candidates and contacts you want to view: All Facility Contacts, All Health System Contacts, or New Contact.

  6. If you chose All Facility Contacts or All Health System Contacts, select the check boxes for the individuals you want to add.

  7. If you chose New Contact, enter or select information about the contact in the Name, Organization, Resource Types, Phone, and Email fields, and, if appropriate, select Enlist in incident.

  8. Click Check In.

Note: Phone and Email are required fields if you are going to enlist a group member.

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