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Add Objectives to an Incident

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You can add objectives to an incident to document and describe tasks that need to be completed as part of the incident response.


  • Objectives must be assigned to an ICS Chart position or the incident.
  • When the list of objectives is filtered by a position and you add a new objective, it will automatically be assigned to the filtered position.
  • If you assign an objective to the Incident Level, remember that the objective is not connected to any position and will not appear in the list of objectives when it is being filtered by position.
To add an objective
  1. On the Home page, in the list of Active Incidents, locate the incident and click View. The Incident Dashboard opens.

  2. Click the Objectives tab.

  3. On the left, below the list of objectives, click Add Objective. The Add Objective window opens.
    Response Add Objective

  4. For Objective, enter the name of the objective.

  5. For Description, enter details about the objective.

  6. In the Assigned to list, select the position that is responsible for completing the task or select Incident Level.
    Tip: Positions that will be automatically activated for the IRG appear in darker text.

  7. In the Priority list, select the urgency with which the objective should be completed.
  8. In the Operational Period list, select the period in which the objective should be completed.

  9. In the Status list, select the initial status you want assigned to the new objective.

  10. As appropriate, in the Template list, select a template to add interactive fields to the objective.

  11. Click OK. The window closes.

Tip: The new objective appears in the Objectives list depending on the objective Assignment and your selection with the Position filter.

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