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Activate a Group

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During an incident, you can activate the Labor Pool, Other Contacts Group, or subgroup to notify contacts in the group about the incident.

eICS allows a two-level hierarchy through the addition of subgroups within your labor pool and other contacts groups. Subgroups are extremely convenient because they let your administration organize contacts using any categories that work for a given plan. When you activate a group, you have the option to notify contacts in the group's depth chart. For more information on the labor pool and other contacts, refer to Dashboard - ICS Chart.

To activate a group
  1. On the Incident Dashboard, click the ICS Chart tab. The ICS Chart page opens.

  2. On the left, click an inactive group (Labor Pool, Other Contacts to Notify, or subgroup that is light gray).

  3. On the right, in the General Info drawer, click Activate. The Activate Position window opens.

  4. For contacts you want to notify about the activation, select the check box. 

  5. For contacts you do not want to notify, clear the check box.

  6. Click OK.


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