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Improvement Plan Views

Improvement Plan information can be found on the Home page, under the Recovery menu, and in the Incident Dashboard for an ended incident.

Home Page

A summary of the Improvement Plan appears in the bottom left area of the Home page. This area contains information based on the user's role:

  • For a facility user, the area shows the actions for which the user is responsible.

  • For the Facility Administrator, the area shows all actions for their facility. If a user is an administrator at more than one facility, they can choose to view issues for specific or all facilities.

  • For the Domain Administrator, the area shows a summary of all action items assigned to their role at all facilities.


Improvement Plan details include a description of action items, due dates, responsible parties, and the issue to which the action item is related. Users can filter the list of actions by Due Date, with options to view all actions, actions due within 10 or 30 days, overdue actions, and actions without a due date. If item descriptions are too long to read, select Expand text to view the full description.


Improvement Plans can be viewed from the perspective of the issues entered in relation to an incident or the action items defined to improve the plan. The Issue View and Action View are accessed from the Incident Dashboard or the Recovery: Improvement Plan page.


Issues and items are visible based on the selected status. Both views, however, provide important plan details and links to edit the issue or action item and view the plan history.

Issues and Actions

Issues are potential shortcomings identified within a plan. Action items are the courses of action suggested to resolve the issue. When you add or edit an issue, you can specify one or more action items. You must provide a description for the action. In addition, you can assign a responsible party, set a due date, and specify or change the status of the action to indicate progress toward completing it. 


The responsible party must be identified for each action item prior to closing the incident. When you start typing in the Responsible Party field, the system shows contacts that match the text you enter. You can select the system match or continue typing. Also, you can specify more than one responsible party. When the action item is entered, the system automatically sends an email to notify contacts identified as responsible parties. Contacts are likewise notified if they are removed from the responsible party assignment.


Significant events that occur as you work with an Improvement Plan, such as the addition of action items, are recorded in your eICS as the plan history. Events are logged and can be accessed from the Recovery: Improvement Plan page, from either the Issue View or Action View. They can also be accessed from the Improvement Plan tab in the incident dashboard. Details include the date and description of the change, and the name of the user who made the change.


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