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Delete an Improvement Item

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There may be instances where you want to delete an issue. For example, if you note that you have duplicate entries, you can delete one of them. However, the issue is not fully removed from the system; you can still view and work with these issues from the Recovery: Improvement Plan page or the dashboard's Improvement Plan tab.

Note: Improvement issues can be accessed from the Home page, as described in this procedure, or from the Incident Dashboard (select the Improvement Plan tab).

Tip: Alternatively, you can delete an issue by following the steps to edit the issue and changing the status to Deleted

To delete an issue
  1. On the Home page, point to Recovery and click Improvement Plan. The Improvement Plan page opens.

  2. On the left, click Issue View.

  3. Select the types of issues you want to view: AllOpen, or Closed.

  4. Locate the improvement issue, and click Delete. The Delete Improvement Issue window opens.

  5. In the text box, enter the reason for the deletion.

  6. Click Yes.

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