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Manage IRG Positions

During planning, you can manage the positions that are associated with an IRG from the Plan Summary page.

To manage positions associated with an IRG
  1. Point to Planning and click Plan Summary.

  2. In Summary for, select the appropriate facility or domain.

  3. In Plan, select the appropriate plan.

  4. In the left area, select the IRG.

  5. On the right, select the ICS Positions/Labor Pool/Notification drawer.

  6. If appropriate, click the arrow in front of a position to view its subordinates.

  7. Make your changes:

  • To activate a position, select its check box.

  • To remove the association to a position, clear its check box.

  1. If appropriate, select or clear the check boxes for Labor Pool and Other Contacts to Notify.

  2. Click Save.

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