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Edit an IRG

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Administrators can edit IRGs before or during an incident. During planning, changes to an IRG are saved to the guide template and will be applied to all subsequent incidents that are created using that IRG.


  • When you select an IRG Type, the type and appropriate icon are assigned to the IRG. The default type is Other.
  • If you want eICS to prefill specific information when a user creates a new incident based on this IRG, select the Use canned information when incident is created check box and enter the incident name and description.
  • To edit sections of an IRG, see the procedures: Manage IRG Positions, Manage IRG Objectives, Manage IRG Files, and Manage IRG Locations.
To edit an IRG
  1. Point to Planning and click Plan Summary. The Summary page opens.

  2. In the Summary for list, select the appropriate domain or facility.

  3. In the Plan list, select the plan.

  4. On the left, in the list of IRGs, click the name of the IRG you want to edit.

  5. If it is not open already, click the General drawer.

  6. To edit the name of the incident response guide, click the Response Guide Name field and enter your changes.

  7. To change the IRG Type, click a different option in the list. The icon for the selected IRG type appears next to the list.

  8. Select or clear the Use canned information when incident is created check box.

  9. If the Use canned information when incident is created check box is selected, enter or edit the Incident Name and/or Incident Description.

  10. To change the Incident Mission, enter or edit content in this field.

  11. Click Save.

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