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Create an IRG

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During planning, you can create and edit incident response guides (IRGs), which are plans that describe how to respond to specific incidents or events. IRGs identify the positions, actions, and contacts that will be involved in the response, and define how the response should be carried out.

To create a new IRG
  1. Point to Planning and click Plan Summary. The Summary page opens.

  2. Select the domain or facility in Summary for.

  3. In Plan, select the appropriate plan.

  4. On the left, click Incident Response Guides.

  5. On the right, click Create a new response guide. The Create Response Guide window opens.

  6. Enter the name of the IRG.

  7. Open IRG Type and click the appropriate option. The associated icon appears next to the type.

  8. Click OK. The window closes and the right area of the plan summary page refreshes.

  9. Click each drawer and enter the appropriate details, as described in these procedures:

  10. ​Where appropriate, make sure you save your changes.

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