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Copy an IRG

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During planning, you can copy an IRG from one location to another. You can also create a new IRG by copying another. When you copy an IRG, most elements are copied over to the new location, including objectives, locations, and associated ICS positions.

In addition, the system attempts to map all associated positions to the destination plan. Because of this, the following two conditions apply:

  • If a position in the copied IRG does not exist in the target plan, the position will not be copied over.

  • If a file in the target plan already exists in the facility's library structure (with the same name and in the same location), the existing file is not overwritten. The new plan points to the existing file.

To copy an existing IRG

Note: Typically, the location you select for To will be your facility. To quickly reverse the From and To locations, click the green arrow icon between the fields.

  1. Point to Planning and click Plan Summary. The Summary page opens.

  2. Select the domain or facility in Summary for.

  3. In Plan, select the appropriate plan.

  4. On the left, click Incident Response Guides.

  5. On the right, click Copy a response guide. The copy window opens.

  6. On the left side of the window, select the domain or facility where the IRG resides (From).

  7. Below From, select the plan that has the IRG.

  8. On the right side of the window, select the domain or facility where you want to copy the IRG (To).

  9. Below To, select the plan where you want to copy the IRG.

  10. On the left side, select an IRG.

  11. Click Copy. The Copy IRG Options window opens.

  12. If prompted, enter a name in New IRG Name.
    Tip: A warning window may open indicating the IRG includes ICS positions currently not activated for the plan. Or, you may be notified that there are files that already exist in the library and these will not be copied. To proceed, click Yes.

  13. Repeat steps 6-12 for any additional IRGs you want to add to this facility/plan.

  14. Close the copy window. The left side of the summary page refreshes to show the copied IRGs.

  15. To add or change details for a copied IRG, select the applicable IRG on the left.

  16. Click each drawer and enter the appropriate details, as described in these procedures:

  17. Where appropriate, make sure you save your changes.

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