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Add Objectives to an IRG

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Objectives are tasks or duties associated with incident response guides (IRGs) to direct participants’ actions and help resolve the situation. In addition to naming and describing objectives, it is necessary to assign objectives to an ICS Chart position or the incident as a whole.


  • eICS allows you to create multiple objectives with the same name; however, you should check your local policies to find out if it is required to identify objectives with unique names.
  • In Planning, objectives assigned to the incident, rather than an ICS Chart position, appear on the General (in the Incident Objectives section) and Objectives drawers of the IRG.
To add an objectives
  1. On the Home page, point to Planning and select Plan Summary.

  2. In the Summary for list, select the domain or facility.

  3. On the left, select the IRG (for example, Active Shooter or Chemical Incident).

  4. Click the Objectives drawer.
    eICS Planning IRG Add Objective

  5. Click Add New Objective. The Add Objective window opens.

  6. eICS Planning IRG Add Objective

  7. For Objective, enter a name for the objective.

  8. If appropriate, enter a description for the objective.

  9. In the Assigned to list, select the position that is responsible for completing the task or select Incident.
    Tip: Positions that will be automatically activated for the IRG appear in darker text.

  10. In the Priority list, select the urgency with which the objective should be completed.

  11. In the Operational Period list, select the period in which the objective should be completed.

  12. If appropriate, in the Template list, select a template to add question and answer fields to the objective.

  13. Click OK. The window closes.

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