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Perform an HVA

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You can perform a hazard vulnerability analysis (HVA) in eICS to evaluate the likelihood and estimate the impact of hazardous situations. HVAs are commonly used to guide preparedness efforts and demonstrate compliance. For more information, please go to the article About HVAs.

To perform an HVA
  1. Point to Planning and in the list, click HVA. The Hazard Vulnerability Analysis page opens.

  2. If it is not already selected, in the HVA for list, click the name of the facility for which you want to perform the HVA.

  3. Click Start Assessment, or on a draft, click Update. The 1 of 3: Incident-Hazard Association page opens with a list of incidents that occurred that year.

  4. For each incident, click Update. The Select Hazards window opens.

  5. Locate and select the check box for all hazards that occurred during the incident. For example, a “mass casualty incident” might include several hazards – such as bomb threat, evacuation, explosion, and fire.

  6. After selecting all relevant hazards, click Save. The window closes.

  7. When you have selected the hazards for each incident, click Next. The 2 of 3: Threat Evaluation page opens.

  8. For each hazard, click Update. The Threat Evaluation window opens.

  9. Click N/A, High, Medium, or Low for these fields.




    Likelihood the hazard will occur.
    Note: If you click N/A (not applicable) for probability, the magnitude and mitigation factors will be hidden since they are no longer relevant.

    Human Impact

    Likelihood the hazard will cause human injury or death.

    Property Impact

    Likelihood the hazard will cause property damages or losses.

    Business Impact

    Likelihood the hazard will cause service interruptions.


    Level or amount of pre-planning completed for this specific hazard.

    Internal Response

    Level of internal resources available for response.

    External Response

    Level of community or mutual aid resources available for response.

  10. ​At the bottom of the window, click Save and Continue or Save. The window closes.

  11. When you have completed the evaluation for each hazard, click Next. The 3 of 3: Review Assessment page opens with a list of likely hazards that are ranked from the highest to lowest threat by default.

    Important: If you foresee any changes, save the assessment as a draft because the finalized HVA cannot be edited. However, if you create a draft, remember that you will need to finalize it.

  12. Review the assessment, and click either Save Draft or Finalize.

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