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WebEOC Interface

Organizations that use eICS and WebEOC® can make use of an interface that has been established between the two systems. The interface allows eICS to automatically send information about incidents, including specific details about facilities, events, and locations, to WebEOC. Shared information appears on the appropriate WebEOC boards and is refreshed regularly to ensure the latest incident information is available for WebEOC users.

Note: The interface works in one direction, from eICS to WebEOC. WebEOC information is not sent to eICS.

The interface is enabled for a facility when the Share Incident Data with WebEOC check box is selected. Then, when an incident is set to be shared with WebEOC, specific log entry and location details can be shared. The following sections provide more detail on these requirements.


The Domain Administrator enables the interface for a facility by selecting Share Incident Data with WebEOC in the facility's Details drawer.



When creating an incident, the interface is enabled for the incident by selecting the option to Allow State/Region to view this incident.

When an incident has already started, the interface can be enabled through the Edit Incident window.

Event Log

The details of an entry in the Event Log of the Incident Dashboard is shared when the Share with WebEOC check box in the Add Log Entry window is selected.



Details about incident locations are shared with WebEOC by selecting the Share with WebEOC check box when adding or editing locations on the Map tab of the Incident Dashboard.


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