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Make eICS a Trusted Site

Trusted site is an Internet Explorer®  browser setting that specifies the level of security to use when a website is accessed. Websites that have been identified as trusted sites are acknowledged as safe and secure. 

To take full advantage of Microsoft® Office® Integration and related features, and to ensure successful report generation and file downloads, eICS must be a trusted site.

In addition, eICS® and EMResource® can be set up to share information, and certain details form one solution can be viewed in the other. For example, during an incident you may be able to view the status of facilities, which comes from EMResource. To take advantage of this relationship, you must make both solutions trusted sites.

Note: When working in eICS and using Internet Explorer as your browser, we recommend using the latest version. Other browsers can be used with eICS and you can identify eICS as trusted in other browsers; however, the setting may be called something else.

Sites to Add (URLs)

To establish eICS and other Juvare solutions as trusted sites, you can copy and paste the website's URL into the list of trusted sites for your browser. URLs for Juvare solutions are unique, but most of them contain the Juvare domain:


The asterisk (*) represents your solution's unique name. For example, https://eics.juvare.com. When you identify it with the asterisk in your list of trusted browsers, any solution that has the Juvare domain will be trusted by your browser.

To make eICS a trusted site in IE
  1. Open the latest version of Internet Explorer.

  2. For the address, enter the URL for your eICS site. The Log In page for your eICS website opens.

  3. On the top right, click the tools icon. A menu opens.

  4. Click Internet options. The Internet Options window opens.

  5. Click Security

  6. In the zone selection view, click Trusted sites.

  7. Below the zone selection bar, click Sites. The Trusted sites window opens.

  8. For Add this website to the zone, enter the URL for your eICS site or the Juvare domain. For example: https://yoursitename.juvare.com or https://*.juvare.com.

  9. Click Add.

  10. Repeat the two previous steps to include another site or domain.

  11. Click Close. The Trusted sites window closes.

  12. In the Internet Options window, click OK. The window closes.

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