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Domain Administrator Tasks

eICS follows the national framework for Incident Command Systems (ICSs), and as such, setting up the system properly is important. There are four main user roles in eICS, the Domain Administrator, Facility Administrator, Facility Staff, and Facility Staff Limited, who each play a vital role in setup.

In brief:

  • Domain Administrators structure and organize eICS. They also create facilities when necessary, and maintain the system's automated notifications.

  • Facility Administrators set up the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for their facility, including ICS positions and depth charts, incident response guides (IRGs), internal and external contacts, and library materials.

  • Facility Staff and Facility Staff Limited enter contact and availability information, and fill ICS positions in the event of an emergency. Users with the Facility Staff role can also create incidents.


When your organization first implements eICS, the Domain Administrator works closely with Intermedix trainers and subject matter experts to set up the system. Afterward, the Domain Administrator is responsible for taking care of specific aspects of the system, including plans, facilities, and notifications.

Responsibilities of the Domain Administrator include:

  • In Settings, on the My Profile page, select to include your contact information appear on the Contact Us window for non-technical support.

  • Create multiple plan templates to accommodate varying standards and command requirements. A facility can create one plan based on each template made available to them.
    Only one EOP can be active at the facility level at any give time. When standards change, facilities can copy a new plan from the domain level that is designed to address those standards and set it up to meet their needs before they transition from the old plan to the new.

  • Add facilities to their domain and maintain existing facility details. For each facility, the Domain Administrator specifies which plan templates are available to each facility. For each plan that is made available to a facility, the Domain Administrator also specifies whether the plan's ICS chart is locked or unlocked. If unlocked, the facility can change the chart, including renaming positions and changing the chain of command.

  • Modify and maintain the default notifications eICS sends automatically when certain events occur, such as when an incident is started or a contact is assigned to a position.

Task Summary

The following table summarizes the tasks the Domain Administrator can perform to maintain the domain's eICS environment.


Location in eICS

Link to Instructions

Add, edit, and maintain System-wide Announcements


Edit the Home Page Announcement

Create and maintain facilities

Planning > Facilities

Add or Import a Facility

Edit a Facility

Manage domain notifications

Settings > Domain Notifications

Edit a Domain Notification Template

Add a plan template and maintain existing templates

Planning > Plan Summary

Create a Plan

Edit a Plan

Make a plan available to a facility

Planning > Plan Summary

Manage Plan Availability

Unlock a plan's ICS chart for a facility

Planning > Plan Summary

Manage Plan Availability

Work with the Common Facility System

Planning > Facilities

Manage a Common Facility

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