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Response Tracker Report

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The Response Tracker report allows you to view and print a list of contacts that have been notified of the test or incident and the status of and response to each notification.

This report also lists all individuals you or other users assigned to your Other Contacts to Notify group.


The report includes the name of the user generating the report (Prepared By), the name of the incident, and a list of all operational periods this incident has gone through. When conducting a notification test, the report includes the start and end date and time of the test (Dates / Times).

Additionally, for each notification, the report includes:

  • Verification Icon – (Notification Test) If the participant confirmed all notifications, the green circle icon appears next to the participant's name, indicating notifications are verified. If the participant confirms only one notification was received, the yellow circle icon appears next to their name. If no notifications are confirmed, the red circle icon appears next to the participant's name.

  • Contact  Contact's name.

  • Notification Time  Date and time the system sent the notification to the contact (24-hour notation).

  • Phone / Email / Other  Phone number, email address, or other contact method the system notified.

  • Type  Type of notification. For an actual incident, this might be request availability or assign a position. For a notification test, the type is System Test. See also About Notifications.

  • Confirmed  Indicates whether the recipient confirmed receipt of the notification of this type.

  • Status – For an actual incident, indicates whether the system successfully sent the message. For a test, indicates whether that notification was delivered and received successfully.

More specifically, this report:


  • The name of the user generating the report.

  • The name of the incident.

Can include...

  • A list of all operation periods an incident has gone through, including the dates and times for the periods.

  • For each notification,

    • Contacts' names, listed alphabetically by last name

    • Notification times

    • Email address or phone numbers notified by the system

    • Type of notifications, such as Requesting Availability or Assigning a Position

    • Indications of confirmation receipts

    • System statuses, indicating message success

Is generated...

  • During incidents

  • After incidents

Is accessed through...

  • Incident summary

  • Incident dashboard

Is in standard...

  • IV

  • 2014

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