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Print Forms and Reports

You can generate forms and reports for incidents from the Incident Dashboard or through Recovery > Incident Reports.


To print forms and reports
  1. Take one of these actions.

    If you want to print forms or reports for...


    An active incident,

    On the Home page, locate the active incident and click its View link to open the Incident Dashboard.

    An inactive incident,

    1. Point to Recovery and click Incident Reports. A list of inactive incidents appears.
    2. In the Inactive Incidents for menu, click the name of the facility associated with the incident. The incidents for that facility appear.
    3. Locate the incident and click its row in the table (row, not View link).
  2. At the top of the dashboard or on the right, click Print Form. The Print Form window opens.

  1. To select the form standard, click HICS IV or HICS 2014.

  2. In the list of forms, locate and click an individual form or the All Forms option.

    Note: You can print the After Action Report for an incident, at any time. However, if the report has not been completed, the printed report will only contain basic, default information with no actionable details.

  3. To select the output format, click .pdf or .doc.

  4. If applicable, enter additional information required for specific reports.

  5. Click OK. The report opens in a new browser window.

  6. Click the icon to download or print the form.

Format Options

You can generate most forms as PDF files (.pdf) or in the standard documents format (.doc). 

Note: You need Adobe® Reader 9 or later to access PDF forms and reports.


If you generate in .doc format, you can fill it in online. If you generate a PDF file, you can print it and fill it out manually.

All Forms Option

In addition to generating individual forms, you have the option of printing all forms at one time (HICS IV standard). The set of forms and reports is generated in PDF format, in the order they are listed in the Print Form window. You can print all forms from the Incident Dashboard or from the Recovery area. Printing these forms and reports can be very helpful when you need to produce an After Action Report on the incident. It can also be useful for capturing a snapshot of the incident as it progresses.


Incident Escalation

When incidents are escalated, changes are made to the forms and reports associated with the incident. For example, escalation is added as an event on the incident event log and the escalation event is then highlighted in HICS 201 Incident Briefing and the HICS 214 Operational Log.

Also, because escalating an incident involves pulling another Incident Response Guide (IRG) into the response effort, the HICS 202 Incident Objectives report is updated to sort objectives by IRG, and then by priority and objective name.

Additional Print Form Details

The following information may be required, depending on the selected standard, when printing forms. Enter or select information in the related fields to print the forms correctly. 

HICS 200 Incident Action Plan Cover Sheet

Field Format

Include forms

  • Incident Action Plan Quick Start

  • HICS 202-204, 215A Forms

Print included forms

  • Select = Yes

  • Clear = No

HICS 201 Incident Briefing

Field Format

Select the start time for log entries on this report:



0:00 - 23:59

HICS 202 Incident Objectives

Field Valid Values

Select the positions for this report

  • Select All

  • List of positions based on your ICS depth chart

HICS 214 Operational Log/Activity Log

Field Valid Values or Format

Select the positions for this report

  • All Positions

  • List of positions based on your ICS depth chart

Select log entries for this report

  • Select All

  • List of entries based on your system

HICS 258 Hospital Resource Directory

Field Valid Values or Format

Order by

  • Resource type

  • Contact name

  • Exclude blank rows

Improvement Plan


Issue: Valid Values or Format

Action: Valid Values or Format




  • Improvement Issue

  • All

  • Created Between MM/DD/YYYY and MM/DD/YYYY

  • Improvement Action

  • All

  • Created Between MM/DD/YYYY and MM/DD/YYYY


Sort by

  • Date

  • Status

  • Date

  • Status

Responsible Party



Issue or Action

Statuses to Include

  • All

  • Open

  • Closed

  • Deleted

  • All

  • Open

  • Pending

  • Closed

  • Completed

  • In Progress

  • Under Review

  • Follow Up Required

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