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Improvement Plan Report

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Generate the Improvement Plan report to view a list of the items and issues your organization identified during and after the incident. Items and issues on the Improvement Plan are things that need attention to better prepare your organization for future incidents.

This report:


  • Improvement issues

  • Action items

  • Parties responsible for each action

Can include...

  • Name of the facility, generator of the report, included statuses, and issue/action details.

  • Date range.

  • If generated during an incident, name of the incident, its start date, and incident details.

  • If generate after an incident, grouped issues or actions by incident.

Is generated...

  • During incidents

  • After incidents

Is accessed through...

  • Improvement plan

  • Incident summary

  • Incident dashboard

Is in standard...

  • IV

  • 2014

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