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Complete the After Action Report

The After Action Report is an evaluation of the actions taken during an incident or drill. Facility Administrators can access the After Action Report from the Incident Dashboard, through the link near the top, or through the Recovery menu, by clicking Incident Reports and then clicking the incident row (not the View link). The report can be completed and generated at any time during an incident, but proper analysis of the incident may not be possible until the incident has ended. Printing the report for an incident can be performed through the Incident Dashboard or Incident Reports using Print Form.

To complete the After Action Report
  1. Point to Recovery and click Incident Reports. The page opens with a list of incidents for the selected facility.

  2. On the left, locate the incident and on that row, click the name of the incident (name, not View link). Incident details open on the right.

  3. On the right, click the After Action Report drawer. The drawer opens.

  4. Verify that the Name, Start Date, and Type of incident are correct.

  5. Enter this information.



    Mission areas

    Select the check boxes that apply for this incident.


    Enter a general description of the situation.


    Enter details about the situation and what did or did not happen.

    Point of Contact

    Enter the name of the person or office in charge of the incident response.

    Sponsor Organization

    Enter the name of the office or agency in charge of the incident response.

    Funding Programs

    Enter details about funding that was acquired for this incident.

  6. Click the Participating Organizations drawer. The drawer opens.

  7. As necessary, click Add Organization. The organization fields appear.

  8. Enter the Organization Name, Type and Address.

  9. Click the Objectives drawer. The drawer opens.

  10. Take one or both of these actions:

    If you want to...


    Create new objectives,

    • Click Add Objective. The objective field appears.
    • Enter the Objective Description.

    Retrieve objectives from the incident,

    • Click Retrieve Incident Objectives. The Retrieve Incident Objectives window opens.
    • Select the check box for one or more objectives from the incident.
    • Click Save. The objectives are added to the After Action Report.
  11. For each objective, click Add Capabilities. The Select Capabilities window opens.

  12. Take one of these actions.

    If you want to...


    Use a predefined capability, Select the check box for one or more capabilities.
    Create a custom capability,
    • Click Add Custom Capability. The Custom Capabilities field appears.
    • Enter the Custom Capability.
  13. Click OK. The Select Capabilities window closes.

  14. Click the Capability Ratings drawer. The drawer opens and every objective is listed with its capabilities.

  15. For each capability, take these actions.

    1. In the Rating column, click the Select Rating list and click a rating option (Performed without Challenges, Performed with Some Challenges, Performed with Major Challenges, Unable to be Performed).

    2. In the Strengths column, click Edit. The Strengths window opens.

      1. Enter a Strength.

      2. As necessary, click Add Strength and enter another strength.

      3. Click Save. The strength is added to the capability.

    3. In the Areas for Improvement column, click Edit. The Areas for Improvement window opens.

      1. Enter an Area for Improvement.

      2. As necessary, click Add Area for Improvement and enter another area for improvement.

      3. Click Save. The area for improvement is added to the capability.

  16. Click Save. The entries you made are saved in the After Action Report. Going forward, use Edit links throughout the report to make changes. For help printing the report, go to the procedure Print Forms.

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