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214 Operational or Activity Log

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The HICS 214 or ICS 214 Operational or Activity Log is used continuously to record major decisions and critical details at all levels.

This form:


  • All contacts assigned to the selected positions.

  • All log entries of the types identified when generating the form, sorted by date and time in ascending order.

  • High priority events, highlighted in red.

  • Position of the individual who generated the form.

Is generated...

  • During incidents

  • After incidents

Is accessed through...

  • Response > Incidents > View (incident) > Incident Dashboard: Print Form
  • Recovery > Incident Reports > incident name > General: Print Form

Is in standard...


Is generated by...

  • Command Staff

  • General Staff

Is sent to...

  • Incident Commander

  • Planning Section Chief

  • Documentation Unit Leader

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