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204 Branch Assignment List

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The HICS 204 or ICS 204 Branch Assignment List identifies branch details, including a list of the units created within the branch, unit locations and objectives, unit lead and staff personnel, as well as a summary of the branch objectives and special reference information.

This form:


  • List of units within the branch

  • Unit locations and objectives

  • Unit staffing

  • Branch objectives and special reference information

  • Incident-specific data, including the objectives assigned to all positions in the branch and unit and team members in the branch

Can include...

When you generate the HICS 2014 or ICS 2014 version of this form, the process delivers one report for each active branch or section in the incident's ICS chart.

Is generated...

  • During incidents

  • After incidents

Is accessed through...

  • Incident summary

  • Incident dashboard

Is in standard...

  • IV

  • 2014

Is generated by...

Branch Director

Is sent to...

  • Command Staff

  • General Staff

  • Documentation Unit Leader

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