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202 Incident Objectives

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The HICS 202 or ICS 202 Incident Objectives report summarizes the incident-level and ICS Chart-assigned objectives, along with the date the objectives were created, to serve as a roadmap for incident management.

Note: If the incident does not have any objectives identified and you attempt to generate this report, the system displays an error message and the report is not generated.

This form:


All incident-level and assigned objectives.

The form also contains a section inquiring whether the HICS 215A or ICS 215A Safety Analysis or a site safety plan is attached.

  • If you print HICS 202 or ICS 202 by itself, the answer automatically defaults to No.

  • If you print the Quick Start form and include other forms with it, the answer automatically defaults to Yes.

Is generated...

  • During incidents

  • After incidents 

Is accessed through...

  • Incident summary

  • Incident dashboard

Is in standard...

  • IV

  • 2014

Is generated by...

Planning Section Chief

Is sent to...

  • Command Staff

  • General Staff

  • Documentation Unit Leader

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