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200 Incident Action Plan Cover Sheet

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The HICS 200 or ICS 200 Incident Action Plan Cover Sheet generates the cover sheet, as well as a check list of documents included in the operational period Incident Action Plan (IAP). 

This form:


  • Cover sheet; section 1, 3

  • Other forms: 1, 4, portions of 6

  • Check list of documents that must be included with the operational plan

Can include...

  • HICS 200 or ICS 200 cover sheet only

  • Cover sheet with the Incident Action Plan (IAP) Quick Start form

  • Cover sheet with the full set of forms (HICS or ICS 201-204, 215A)

Is generated...

  • During incidents

  • After incidents

Is accessed through...

  • Incident summary

  • Incident dashboard

Is in standard...


Is generated by...

Planning Section Chief

Is approved by...

Incident Commander

Is sent to...

  • Command Staff

  • General Staff

  • Documentation Unit Leader

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