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About Common Facilities

If your organization uses more than one Intermedix application, you may be taking advantage of enterprise-level services, including the Common Facility feature.

Common Facility is a centralized storage of facility information so data can be shared across applications. In other words, if you see a facility in both eICS and EMResource with the same name, address, and type, you can be sure they are the same facility.

As Domain Administrator, you can perform several Common Facility operations, such as ensuring a facility that you add to eICS is included in the facility system and synchronizing information in eICS with the data available in Common Facility.


When an eICS facility exists in the Common Facility system, the link icon iconcommonfacilitylink.png appears next to the facility in the Facility Administration list and in the facility's details.

If you find that one of your facilities is not in Common Facility, you can add it, making it available across applications.


When you intend to make a facility available via Common Facility, certain additional details are required, including a valid address or latitude and longitude coordinates. The facility type is also required.

Map Options

Set Area on Map

Facility map features come in handy in several scenarios. When adding a facility, you are first required to search for it to determine whether it already exists. You can specify standard criteria, such as the name and/or the facility's city, state, or Zip Code.


You can also use the map feature to specify the general area in which you want to search. Performing this task involves drawing a square, rectangle, or polygon on the map to specify the geographic area to include.


The map feature also allows you to obtain or set the latitude and longitude for a facility, correct the facility's location by dragging the marker on the map, and more.

Tip: If you are going to use the map option, do not enter a Zip Code.

Locate on Map

When working with a facility, use the map feature to aid you in pinpointing the facility's exact location. If the facility is to be available in Common Facility, the exact address, latitude, and longitude are required.

In the facility's General drawer, click the locate on map link.


In the Common Facility Map window, enter all or part of the address or coordinates and click Set.


When you click OK, the information appears in the facility's General drawer.


Every facility in Common Facility has been assigned a type. Therefore, if you add a new one to eICS and want to share it via the system, you must specify its type.

Select the type from the predefined list.


Fields and Sections

An authorized administrator can view and/or edit the following details for a facility.






Name of the facility that is seen throughout much of eICS. When shared via Common Facility, this is also the name that appears in other applications. The field allows a maximum of 30 characters.


Report Name

Name of the facility as it is seen primarily in eICS reports. The field allows a maximum of 100 characters.



Name of the domain to which this facility belongs. This information is read only.


(Common Facility)

Statement that indicates the facility's current status in regard to Common Facility:

  • This facility does not exist in the Common Facility system.

  • The facility exists in the Common Facility system.

If this is not a common facility, this area provides the option to add it to Common Facility. If this is a common facility, other actions are available from this section: remove, change, sync.



Facility's street address, city, state, and Zip code.



Latitude and longitude coordinates for the facility. Use the locate on map feature to quickly set the coordinates.



Facility type such as hospital, agency, organization, dialysis, psych, or rehab.


Health System

Health system to which this facility belongs. Authorized administrators can change the health system.


Available Plans

Lists the Emergency Operations Plans that are currently available to this facility. Authorized administrators can use the change feature to change plan availability and to unlock or lock the plan's ICS chart. If locked, the chart cannot be edited.

Note: You may not be allowed to unlock some plans' charts.


Command Center Details

Command Center location and contact information. Some incident notifications indicate the candidate should contact their incident Command Center; the phone number you specify here is included in these notifications. The Location field is free-form text, so you can specify your facility's name or a location internal to your facility.

Note: If you want automatic notifications to include information on how the candidate can contact the Command Center, you must specify a Command Center phone number.

When a contact first accesses the dashboard for a new incident, the phone and/or fax number specified here will be available to them as a preferred contact method. In addition, if an authorized user changes this information here, the change is reflected within the Incident Dashboard.


EMResource displays the Command Center phone and fax numbers for any facility with an active incident in eICS.


Incident Dashboard Tabs

Tabs you can customize for your facility's Incident Dashboard. For example, you can set up a tab to show the weather by specifying the appropriate URL for a weather website. When you add a new facility, two custom tabs are automatically included and these are set to news and weather websites. You can add to, change, or remove custom tabs.

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