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Not Receiving Email Notifications?


Are you not receiving email notifications from eICS?

Causes and Resolutions

There are several possible reasons that you might not receive email notifications. Review these scenarios to identify the cause and resolution for your situation.

Cause Resolution

The email address in your eICS user profile is incorrect.

  1. In eICS, point to Settings and click My Profile. Your profile page opens. 

  2. For Email/Pager/Other, verify that your email address is correct. If it is not correct, enter your correct email address.

  3. In the lower right, click Save.

Your email application does not recognize the source address for email notifications and is processing the notifications as spam or junk mail.

  1. In your email application, open the spam or junk mail folder.

  2. Search and/or review the contents of the folder to see whether the notifications are in that folder.

  3. If you locate a notification email in the spam or junk mail folder, send it to your inbox and add the eICS email address to the safe senders list in your email application.

Your organization's firewall is preventing access.

Contact your organization's IT department for assistance, and ask them to allow access for emsystems-notification@intermedix.com at the server, firewall, spam filter, or email server level.*

*Depending on your email application and operating system, use the following instructions to add the eICS email address to your safe sender's list.

For Microsoft® Office® 2003/2007
  1. In Outlook, open the Junk Email Options.

  2. Click Safe Senders. The Safe Senders page opens.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Enter the notification source email address: emsystems-notification@intermedix.com

  5. Click OK.

For Microsoft Office 2010
  1. In Outlook, if it is not already open, click Home

  2. Click Junk, and on the menu, click Junk E-mail Options. The Junk E-mail Options window opens.

  3. Click Safe Senders. The Safe Senders page opens.

  4. Click Add. The Add address or domain window opens.

  5. Enter the notification source email address: emsystems-notification@intermedix.com

  6. Click OK. The Add address or domain window closes.

  7. On the Junk E-mail Options window, click OK. The Junk E-mail Options window closes.

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