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Formatting Contact Information?

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Is there specific formatting to use when adding contact information? 


Yes, contact information must be formatted using the following conventions in order for eICS to recognize and process the information correctly.


These conventions apply to domain and facility records, as well as contact information for user accounts.


Phone Number

  • Phone numbers must be 10 numeric characters, with numbers grouped in elements of three-three-four that are separated by hyphens. For example: 414-555-5555

  • An additional 1-6 number phone extension can be included. Separate the main phone number from the extension with a space character. For example: 414-555-5555 23 or 414-555-5559 123456


Email addresses must follow the general email format, with two parts that represent the name of the mailbox and the domain. For example: firstname.lastname@company.com


Text and pager numbers must follow a standard that incorporates the 10 numeric characters of a phone number, without hyphens, and the domain portion of an email address. For example: 4143334444@serviceprovider.com

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