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Cannot Log In to eICS?

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Are you having touble logging in to eICS?


Review these scenarios to identify the cause and resolution that applies to your situation.



The eICS site address was entered incorrectly.

In your browser's address field, enter: https://eics.intermedix.com.

Your username or password was entered incorrectly.*

Try again. Keep in mind that your username and password are case sensitive. For example, LEverett is a different username than leverett.

You do not remember your username or password.*

Reset your credentials using the procedure to Retrieve Your Username or Reset Your Password.

Note: You must have a security question and answer set up within the application to use the credential reset feature. If you do not have the security question and answer set up and you forget your password, contact your system administrator to reset your password.

*Your eICS system may have a maximum number of allowed log in attempts. If you have exceeded this limit or are unable to reset your credentials, contact the Support Desk by sending an email to support@intermedix.com or calling 1-888-735-9559; press 1 for client Application Support and then 6 for EMSystems.

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