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Incident Dashboard - Summary

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When you first open the Incident Dashboard, the Summary tab is active.



The tab contains information about your status and position, as well as high-level incident details.

Element Description Actions
My Status
  • Personal availability

  • Location

  • Contact information

  • Preferred contact methods

  • Assigned position and associated files

  • Update Status

  • View/Open Files


  • Name

  • Type

  • Status

  • Start date and time

  • Command Center details

  • Description

  • Mission

  • Edit Incident

  • End Incident

  • Unlock Chart

  • Escalate


The summary tab provides access to several incident-related actions.

  • Update Your Status – From this tab, you can quickly and easily update your status.
  • Edit, Escalate, End, or Close the Incident   Authorized users can edit the incident's detail, end the incident, close it, or escalate it.
  • Unlock Plan   The Domain Administrator can also unlock an incident's ICS chart from this tab.

This allows authorized users to work with certain chart elements, such as labor pool subgroups. Clicking this option unlocks the chart for this incident only.

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