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Incident Dashboard - Objectives

On the Incident Dashboard, the Objectives tab lists objectives that were set up in the IRG during Planning and those that were added during Response. The list of objectives provides basic information about objectives, including the Status, Priority, Objective (name) and when it was last updated. Clicking an objective in the list provides additional information on the right, presented in the Details and History drawers, that includes the ability to edit and update the status.

Response Incident Dashboard Objectives

For information on objective priorities, statuses, and operational periods, go to the article Incident Elements.


Element Description Actions


Filters objectives by position.

Filter Objectives


Objectives related to the specified position

  • Search Objectives

  • Add Objective


  • Name

  • Description

  • Assignments to ICS positions

  • Associated operational period

  • Edit Objective

  • Update Status


Objective's history, including changes to its status



When you move to the Objectives tab, by default the view shows objectives associated with your position. If you are not currently assigned to a position for this incident, the default value is All Positions. Use the Position field at the top of the tab to change the view.

To hide the objectives that are not applicable to the selected position (or have been disabled), select the Hide Objectives with N/A Status check box. To view all objectives, clear the check box.

Additional Information

Note the following about working with objectives:

  • Your system allows you to create multiple objectives with the same name. Your local policy may require you to give each objective a unique name.
  • You can disable an objective by updating/changing its Status to Not Applicable.
  • Information about incident objectives, including the assignment, operational period, status, time created and priority are documented in the HICS 202 or ICS 202 – Incident Objectives report.
  • eICS tracks the history of objective status changes, and displays this information in the objective’s History drawer. Objective updates are also included in the HICS 214 or ICS 214 – Operational Log report.
  • Incident objectives are available through the After Action Report to create report objectives.
  • The Objective Status History report provides an overview of objectives by Status and Priority, as well as detailed listings of objectives that were created or status changed to selected statuses for a given time frame. 
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