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Incident Dashboard - Files

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The Files tab of the Incident Dashboard includes files that were originally assigned to the IRG and any others that you or other authorized users add during the incident.


When an incident is created in eICS, your facility's library is copied to the incident and immediately available to all participants. Files that are added via the dashboard are saved to this incident's library. They are not saved to the facility's library. As in the Library (under Planning), you can check out and check in files and, if appropriate, discard a check out for a file.
To access these features, go to the incident's dashboard and click the Files tab.

When you first open the Files tab, the view defaults to files associated with your position. Use the Positions field at the top of the tab to change the view.
On the left, select the file you want to view; the details for the file appear on the right.


Element Description Actions

List and Details

Files related to the specified position

  • Search File Names

  • Add File


  • Name

  • Status

  • Version

  • Size

  • View File

  • Check Out/In

  • Discard Check Out

  • Rename

Associations to ICS Positions

File's associations to ICS positions


Version History

History of the file's version, including version numbers

View Version

Last modified



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