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Incident Dashboard - Facility Status

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The Facility Status tab appears in the Incident Dashboard under the following circumstances:

  • Your organization uses EMResource®, the facility and resource management solution available from Intermedix®, and
  • The facility at which this incident is occurring exists within EMResource.

When these criteria are met, any eICS user associated with this incident can access the Facility Status tab to view the facility's status in EMResource.

Note: EMResource is highly customizable, so the information that appears in this tab depends on your facility's configuration.


Information that can appear in this tab includes:

  • Operational status
  • Resource limitations
  • Specialties
  • Number of staffed beds for each unit
  • Contacts and their status

If you are also an authorized user of EMResource, you can toggle between the two applications using the menu in the upper left corner of the window. To switch applications, open the menu and select EMResource; this action automatically logs you in to EMResource and opens the main view.

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