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Incident Dashboard - Custom Tabs


Your facility or organization may have enabled one or two custom tabs in the Incident Dashboard and set up several website options that your command staff can select from. These options can help ensure you, the command team, and other participants have ready access to relevant websites at any time during an incident.

Note: Custom tabs do not appear in the Incident Dashboard for inactive (ended or closed) incidents.

Custom Tab Options

By default, two custom tabs appear: News and Weather.

If your administration set up additional websites, the tabs contain a down arrow icon. Clicking the tab opens a menu containing the available website options. Click one of the options to change the tab to that website.


Mixed Content

Website addresses (URLs) that begin with https:// are designed to ensure your interactions with that site are secure. However, some of these sites, in addition to sites that begin with http://, can contain a mix of secure and nonsecure content.

For this reason, when you set up one or more custom tabs, eICS lets you know when the site is likely to contain nonsecure or mixed content. An icon appears next to the website name and the URL field is outlined in the same color as the icon. In addition, a warning message appears, as shown below. 


The More information link in the message shown above provides access to reference information for several types of browsers. Click the link to access the appropriate information. From there, you can decide whether to configure your browser to allow mixed content.

Important: Be cautious about setting your browser to allow mixed content. If possible, enable this option for the eICS website only.

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